About Warehouse Weekends

Welcome to Warehouse Weekends!

Hearing about great warehouse sale deals on Monday morning is always bummer.  These are sales you cannot afford to miss, so why didn't you know about it?  That is why Warehouse Weekends was created.  By subscribing to our e-mail alerts, you'll always be in the know, and more importantly, you'll never miss another warehouse sale event.

If you've never experienced a warehouse sale, set your alarm clock and get ready for an  exciting shopping experience.  Basically, warehouse sales are hosted by either manufacturers or retailers that need to quickly get rid of extra inventory.  You'll frequently find discounts from 50-80% on your favorite brands.  But being a successful warehouse sale shopper requires a bit of work.  You have to get up early, you might have to travel a distance to the event, and once you get there, expect to wait in line. 

Also, leave your modesty at home.  Grab what you want, but if you need to try something on, be prepared to do it in front of a mob full of people.  But it's worth it. Name brand merchandise, deep discounts, and a load of fun.

Have a great Warehouse Weekend!